About us

We are a proud military family, and we have a small, high quality breeding program in lovely southeast Alabama. 

Our goal is breeding the highest quality goldendoodles, puppies that have great temperaments, sound conformation and friendly dispositions. Beauty is definitely part of our program, but not our main objective. We got our dogs as puppies and most of them were born here on our farm and they were raised in our home with cats, horses and other dogs which resulted in friendly, outgoing temperaments.

We have many years of experience in breeding Mini Australian shepherds, and have dogs placed in practically every state. We are very proud of our breeding program of beautiful goldendoodles. Our dogs are proven companions, and are used as farm dogs, hiking companions, family dogs, and some are part of a breeding program.

All puppies are born and raised inside our home, the birthing area is next to our bedroom and we are right there to help mom deliver her babies - day and night. All puppies get individual attention and by the time you get your baby, your pup will have been introduced to crate training, potty training ( both puppy pads and outdoors), leash training, etc. However your pup is still a baby when you get him/her and the training is not complete. We include training materials in our puppy packets so you can continue this process, and of course we are always available to help you with any question you may have.

Besides our dogs, we have 2 Arabian horses, 11 Nigerian dwarf goats and 7 cats, and various other critters who come visit us from time to time. It is such a privilege to live out in the country in our beautiful home and have all our animals live with us :)

Below are a few pics around the farm!

One of our Arabian horses with her foal :)

One of our Nigerian dwarf goats with her babies :)

One of our many cats :)