Farm visit policy

We no longer allow farm visits or pick ups at the farm. There are several reasons for this:

A good friend and fellow breeder had - as we did - families and interested people visit the farm to pick out a pup, meet the parents, etc. and unfortunately, one of the visitors had been in contact with a dog or pup that had Parvo. The result was that she lost two entire litters. Once this virus is on the property, it is almost impossible to get rid of. We do not want to take the risk and have that happen to one of our dogs.

We have many animals on our farm, and one of the visitors had entered our goat area unsupervised. We always allowed access and entry to the goat and/or horse area, but we want to be present when you meet our animals. Unfortunately the gate was left open, and one of our bucks managed to get to the does and because it was very early in the breeding season, several does got pregnant. This resulted in babies in the middle of winter, something I wanted to prevent at all cost.

Then just recently, one of my fellow breeder friends had a very successful breeding program, and used to invite many families to her home to meet their new puppy. She ended up with 6 of her best dogs stolen right out of her home. She came home one day from an appointment and found the entrance gate open, and the privacy fence partly removed. Despite help from the police and lots of media, she has not gotten her girls back.

We live in a strange world nowadays and it is not as safe anymore as it used to be. The farm is our home and we love and cherish all our animals. We have many references available upon request from people who have visited us in the past. All of our animals are seen by our vet and we provide the best of care. We do hope you understand!